Lifting the curtain: your home is a stage

Staging your home before showing it off to potential buyers is highly recommended as it can help you sell it faster. This is your chance to weave dreams and ideas into the hearts of those viewing your home – to see its beauty, as well as its potential. It’s a fairly new trend, though, so let’s lift the curtain on home staging.

What does 'staging' mean and why should I do it?

Staging a home means that a professional will come in and help you to set up your home in such a way that it will appeal to most people’s tastes. Furniture may be moved around or even temporarily replaced, and colour schemes may be introduced. The stager will make sure to highlight the very best your home has to offer, while at the same time creating somewhat of a blank canvas for potential buyers. Instead of serving a certain aesthetic that may only appeal to a select few, a beautiful stage is set onto which any number of people can imagine themselves playing their lives out on.

The benefits of staging your home

The benefits of staging are two-fold. Uncluttered and welcoming, a staged home invites a wider variety of buyers who could fall in love with the concept right off the bat. Another benefit is that the potential of your home is highlighted. A quirky corner spot that you missed all these years could suddenly become the centre of attention through the artful placement of furniture by a professional home stager. Possibilities are unlocked and buyer’s imaginations are set ablaze with ideas.

Home staging - an art form in its own right

Staging a home is truly a performance in itself, only the audience is invited to share in the experience. It creates an intimacy that is often lost when viewers are left to feel like guests, instead of partakers in a dream. Home staging is an art that will benefit both you, and your excited new buyer.

Della Randall highly recommends staging your home when taking potential buyers through it. Right on hand, Della can provide you with the very best in the industry: skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do, and who have an incredible eye for detail. To find out more about professional home staging contact Della Randall and her team.


Staged rooms from a home successfully sold in Waikanae

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